Lost Life Insurance Policy? Next Steps to Get It Back

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Life insurance helps protect your loved ones financially if you pass away, ensuring they have funds to cover expenses like the mortgage, outstanding debts, and childcare costs during a difficult time. So, it’s important to safeguard your policy documents.

That said, losing a life insurance policy can happen, whether it goes missing during a move or is destroyed in a fire or flood. While your coverage doesn’t usually stop, missing paperwork can lead to issues.

Here’s why—and how—to recover a lost life insurance policy.

Why You Need to Keep Life Insurance Paperwork

Losing your policy papers doesn’t mean your life insurance coverage ends. You’re still covered as long as you’re within the coverage term and paying your premiums, and the insurance company also keeps records.

However, a lost policy can cause problems and delays:

  • If you were to pass unexpectedly, missing policy paperwork can make the claims process more complicated for your beneficiaries and delay the payout process.
  • If you want to change your beneficiaries after a major life event like a divorce, missing paperwork can make it more difficult.
  • If you aren’t sure when your policy ends and what your premium is, you could risk a lapse in coverage due to nonpayment or expired coverage.

It’s also important to secure your documents because they may contain personal identifying information, including your Social Security number.

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9 Steps to Finding a Lost Life Insurance Policy

If you’re worried you’ve lost your documentation, don’t panic. You can take steps to find your policy information.

1. Check Your Paper Records

Go through your usual filing spots for important documents, such as safe deposit boxes or other secure places you may use. Also, review bank statements for payment information.

2. Search Your Digital Records

Search your email and digital records for policy-related documents or communications.

3. Contact Employers

Many employers offer group life insurance and can give you enrollment information and the insurer’s contact details.

4. Reach Out to Previous Insurers

Even if you think the policy has lapsed, past insurers may still have your records.

5. Involve Financial Advisors or Attorneys

Contact any advisors or attorneys you’ve worked with, as they may have copies of your policy information on file.

6. Check Your State’s Unclaimed Property Database

Insurance companies must turn over unclaimed benefits to the state. Find your state’s information through the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators.

7. Use the NAIC Life Insurance Policy Locator

This National Association of Insurance Commissioners tool can help locate active policies.

8. Contact Your State Insurance Department

The NAIC also has a resource for contacting state insurance departments if your life insurance company was bought, merged, or bankrupted.

9. Ask for Specialized Assistance

If none of the above options help you find your policy information, you could consider a fee-based service specializing in finding lost insurance policies.

Next Steps Once You Find Your Policy

Once you’ve successfully retrieved your policy information, confirm its status. Review the paperwork for termination dates or clauses about if and when coverage expires due to nonpayment.

If everything looks good, review the policy details—such as your coverage amount, premium, policy type, and benefits—and confirm they align with your goals. If not, now is an excellent time to make changes since you have your policy information on hand.

How to Safeguard Your Policy in the Future

With your policy documentation back in your hands, keep it safe to help avoid going through this process again.

Keep Records Organized

One of the best ways to prevent losing important documents is to create an organized record-keeping system for paperwork.

Make Digital Copies

Even if you have a system to keep your paper documents, create and store digital copies in the cloud as backups.

Share Information with Trusted People

Let your beneficiaries know where to find your policy information. If you have an advisor or estate attorney, give them copies as another backup.

Don’t Let a Lost Life Insurance Policy Slow You Down

Finding a misplaced life insurance policy might feel overwhelming, but a systematic approach will usually lead to success. Remember, taking time now to locate your policy can simplify things for your loved ones in the future.

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