What’s a Life Insurance Underwriter?

an insurance underwriter meeting with a woman in an office

The topic of life insurance can be a confusing one. Having an understanding of the people involved in the process helps. We’ll cover what an insurance underwriter is, what they do and if you’ll ever need to interact with them.

What is an Insurance Underwriter?

Insurance underwriters are considered the unsung heroes of the insurance industry because they’re the people who figure out the risks associated with insuring individuals or businesses which helps decide coverage and premium rates. Their goal is to have a good balance between protecting insurance policyholders and the financial al is to strike a balance between protecting policyholders and ensuring the financial sustainability of the insurance company.

Responsibilities of an Insurance Underwriter:

Assess Risk: Underwriters carefully evaluate insurance applications and analyze various factors to assess the level of risk involved. These factors may include an applicant’s age, health condition, driving record, credit history, occupation and more. By correctly assessing risk, underwriters help insurance companies avoid unpleasant financial outcomes.

Evaluate Policies: Underwriters review insurance policies to ensure they align with the company’s underwriting guidelines and regulatory requirements. They assess the coverage limits, exclusions, deductibles and other policy terms to determine the level of protection offered to policyholders.

Calculate Premiums: Based on the risk assessment, underwriters calculate premium rates which is what someone pays for their insurance policy. They consider the probability of someone filing a claim and the potential cost of that claim. The underwriter wants to provide fair premiums to customers but also balance what’s needed for the insurance company to make enough money to stay afloat.

Approve or Deny Applications: Underwriters have the authority to approve or deny insurance applications for individuals or businesses. Their decisions are based on risk, policy guidelines and for a business the overall business strategy.

Will You Ever Interact with an Underwriter?

Most likely no as most insurance customers rarely interact with them though underwriters may request additional information or documentation from a customer to do their job assessing risk. Underwriters work with other professionals in an insurance company like agents and brokers.

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